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Runes Spirituality and Guido Von List

Spirituality and Guido Von List

Spirituality can be defined in many ways. Since I am a Rune master, I prefer to say that spirituality is a way of life. It is my belief that there is a Divine Creator who has set the Universe, as we know it, into motion. It was not caused by a Chaotic Big Bang.

Spirituality also implies that there are certain rules for living and certain tools to guide us. The rules are to live consciously and to always be leaning forward. The tools are the Runes.

The Runes are Universal Creative energies. We use them consciously to create a better life for ourselves and our loved ones.

Spirituality also means that we have a destiny and that destiny is to evolve, become more conscious and more God-like.

The simplicity of good and evil goes like this: Whatever leads you towards consciousness, individuality and the Creator God is good. What ever leads you to unconsciousness, mass mindedness and bestiality is evil.

We as Americans, have lost our Spirituality. But our ancestors and our Runic spiritual leaders such as Guido Von List were very spiritual.

Not only in their writings and teachings but also in their way of life.

Guido Von List knew the dangers of big city living, when he wrote, "One must flee those places where life throbs and seek out lonely spots untouched by human hands to lift the Magic of Nature."

He felt that contemporary man denied the primal laws of nature and created life destroying religions. They have built a distorted normality. We can now see, especially in America, after the last election a corruption that is beginning to disgust us.

Guido Von List gave the world the most powerful of all runes. His 18 Rune Futhark. He was born October 5, 1848. He wrote a very spiritual book, "The Secret of the Runes." This is an occult work that made him one of the most important figures in Germanic Revolutionism, Germanic Mysticism and Runic Revolutionism.

In 1862, he visited the catacombs of a pagan shrine. He was most impressed with what he saw. He swore that some day he would build a temple to Wotan (Odin) when he grew up.He wrote several other books on the spirituality of tribal Germany.

World War 1 and the food shortage affected the heart of the 70 year old Von List. He died of pneumonia and his ashes were buried in Vienna's most famous cemetery along with other spiritual Germans Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert and Strauss.

He named his spiritual religion the Armanenshaft. He claimed this to be the original religion of the German tribes. He believed in the magical powers of the Old Runes. They are now known as the "Armanen Runes."

He said, "The wonderful thing concerning the runes is that they have an individual life, that the interpretation and meaning is within them and not within us, not in our arbitrary thinking.”

If you have ever had the experience to study the Armanen Runes using Guido Von Lists spiritual exercises and postures, you would never again doubt the power of the Runes.

The murmuring Runes of the Universe, the sacred symbols of salvation of the Cosmos are deeply buried within ourselves, in our soul as inherited memories. They call, murmur and rush within us, and we could not get them outside of us by imitation, if they were not built into us since eternity.

In these troubled days ahead for America, we could all use the spiritual power of Guido Von Lists Runes.

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